Walden in Dallas

It’s probably a long shot but I’m after someone in the Dallas geographical area.

I’m looking for a Waldenesque “enthusiasm & encouragement” partner. I’m pursuing web development aiming to be a solopreneur, hoping someday for a Walden cabin in the woods somewhere out of the way. I wonder if I’m the only one. Everyone everywhere has some “mission” to push, an agenda with a blog or YouTube channel or something to solicit followers. I have no mission, no belief, no ideology to peddle, no movement to start: I just want to run away and hide from everything. That’s it! Nothing else, just run away and hide, from most everybody and most everything. That’s my only mission, and I seek someone else whose sole goal is fleeing useless noisy busyness in hope of “simple peace & quiet.”

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. I would rather ride on earth in an ox cart, with a free circulation, than go to heaven in the fancy car of an excursion train and breathe a malaria all the way. The very simplicity and nakedness of man’s life in the primitive ages imply this advantage, at least, that they left him still but a sojourner in nature. When he was refreshed with food and sleep, he contemplated his journey again. He dwelt, as it were, in a tent in this world, and was either threading the valleys, or crossing the plains, or climbing the mountain-tops. But lo! men have become the tools of their tools. The man who independently plucked the fruits when he was hungry is become a farmer; and he who stood under a tree for shelter, a housekeeper. We now no longer camp as for a night, but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven. We have adopted Christianity merely as an improved method of agriculture. We have built for this world a family mansion, and for the next a family tomb. The best works of art are the expression of man’s struggle to free himself from this condition, but the effect of our art is merely to make this low state comfortable and that higher state to be forgotten.”

Thoreau, August 1854

Finding an individual mentor/partner can be tricky, but there’s a local Dallas meetup group that focuses on the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

That might help you get going on the right track?? Here’s the link to their Discord: freeCodeCamp Dallas

Thank you.

I had dropped a message on the fCC Dallas meetup and a few other Dallas webdev meetups, but I didn’t know about the fCC Dallas Discord. Trying it out now, thanks for your help!

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