Walt Disney Tribute Page

Hey all, this is my third ever HTML project and I would like to share it with you guys to gather opinions and feedback! This was for sure a challenge for me, specially regarding supporting different resolutions.

Edit: Just managed to solve both the issues I was facing, decided to go for a jQuery approach instead of CSS and it worked!

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You can not use imgur with Codepen. They block requests from Codepen.

The images are not loading here :thinking:

They work fine on my end for some reason, weird. Any good alternatives you can recommend?
CodePen’s just giving me more and more reasons to lean towards paying a host for my projects / portfolio. Will the tests / certification still work if I do so?

Do a search on the forum for hosted images and you will see what others have tried.

Will do, thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: Should be working now!

@GabrielS Nice topic and beautifully designed. Need couple of changes to fix the content in it. have look this screen shot

Happy coding.


Hey, thanks for the feedback Monika! Appreciate it :smile:

Regarding your screenshot, can you tell me at which resolution / aspect ratio you get that kind of result? I’ll try optimizing it or locking the minimum height to a higher value (each block/panel should be exactly the size of the viewport)
^Edit: Managed to solve it! :smile:

Hey Sorry for late reply. I had flu and was in total rest mode.

This is my screen resolution.


That part has been fixed. good on you :slight_smile:

I like the way you did animation the bottom part very cool but the wiki section overlapping on you other content. have look the screenshot