Want a game of naughts and crosses :D

Please have a game and you can leave me some feedback :smile:

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Wow this is fast! :smiley: This uses minimax, right?

Reset doesn’t seem to work :confused:

Also, try changing the cursor property for clickable items.

nope just uses the css transform scale property,
I’m not sure about the reset button not working which browser are you using? :slight_smile:

I’m using firefox.

What I meant was fast is the AI :slight_smile:. The AI makes a move right after I click.

I managed to beat it at the hardest difficulty, going center then corner to create a fork with the X token.

It looks really, really nice though and I love the animation of the line that crosses through the winner’s symbols. It’s so smooth. The colors are really nice too.

Yeah thank you for your complements in regards to the styling. Yeah I just noticed you can beat it with that strategy. I think what it is the something in the block fork strategy thing, it looks like I’ll have to do some digging. The good thing though is that i used browserify to separate to the view from logic, and draw instructions.
Thanks for spotting that out!

Fixed the hard mode if your up for trying again :smile:

beaten on hard mode:
numbers are for moves order, good luck.