Want a honest review for my resume. Will I able to get selected in good companies for internship by this?

It depends of the company and the market in your country.
Having said that, I would recommend you to emphasise the ML content in your skills(since is the focus of your CV).
1.You can add scikit learn and keras in skills, instead of working experience. In skills you can also put R, since I see you made a course on it. If you know the collection Tidyverse, is better.
2. In your work experience, focus on how you added value to the company during those months.
3. In the description as the beginning, the first two lines are OK. From “recognized by professor and so on” let your references make the work. If the company is interested in you, they will ask for references. It is not encouraged to include subjective traits in your cv.
4. Remember, depending of the company, you can also add another experiences in your work, for example, something that you did in Finance, or Cs teaching, or Statistics. Your experience, has not explicitly to be in machine learning.
Hope it helps.

Thankyou so much, will surely work on that.

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