Want a website for rent?

Hey Developers !
can you tell me what is the average cost of selling a website ?

Your question does not make any sense without more context. What do you mean by selling a website?

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It depends on the site. 30-50k for a site is pretty high unless it involves many months of development time (at least in the US).

This is sounding more like an advertisement than a question.

It would not cost me any money to build a website.

Sir, it’s not an advertisement, I am just trying to find out whether people would like to get their desired website for rent or not.
Their websites would be readily available on the platform, and customization would be done.

Sir Price is in INR
In USD it will range around $300-350

Why don’t you ask actual potential clients instead of users on a forum devoted to teaching programming? It is a waste of your time and ours asking such questions. No one here is looking to buy a website.

Sorry for wasting your time sir
please can you suggest me platform where i can ask these questions?
cause i cant find any

Go to sites that focus on such services such as upwork.

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