Want FCC stickers but live where $10 USD is too expensive? -- I'm giving some away

Hey fellow nerds. I like supporting FCC and I like showing my FCC pride, but I’ve run out of places to put stickers. I’ve also seen some campers say that the currency conversion for where they live makes $10 USD very expensive.

I’ve decided to occasionally send stickers to some of my non-American camper friends.

Please share a bit about your experience here in the thread:

  • What is your Free Code Camp story? Why do you love Free Code Camp?

  • Share a link to your favorite project and tell us why you are proud of it.

  • Where do you live? What can $10 USD buy there? What’s it like for you being in our international (but largely American) community?

  • You have to be willing to share your mailing address with me (privately, of course) so I can send your stickers.

*Edit: the price of stickers is now $10 USD for 4.


That’s freaking adorable!

Very nice and generous Ariel Leslie, great idea. I live in Iowa so I can’t afford $5, but I will pay $4.99 :wink:

Hi @ArielLeslie im Blagoje from Serbia. Serbia is a small country on south east Europe(part of ex-Yugoslavia). I started my journey on FCC 2 weeks ago. Main reason is to get qualified for interahips here. I love FCC because of it helped me to understand fundamentals of JS.

For 5 dollars here you culd buy 10 literes of milk or 20kg of apples. You could buy 3 packs of cigarettes. Average sallary (per month) is 280$.

Email: blazas199@gmail.com

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I paid the $5 I’m in the UK. two weeks later and my laptop is feeling sad and a bit exposed where a sticker should be. Can you help me to cover up its embarrassment ?

I’m guessing that’s just the slowness of international mail. I’m not affiliated with sticker logistics, just offering to buy someone a present. :wink:

I never joke about sticker logistics.


Stickers received and now adorning my Laptop… :relaxed: Tip for others in the UK… Allow 2 weeks+ for sending and postage to the UK

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Blimey … you’ve made me want some stickers now, and I felt I didn’t need any stickers. Dam you… I’m just going to have to order some :no_mouth:


Thank you for your kind gesture but I’m happy to pay myself. As you say, $5 in a lot of countries can easily buy a large family a hearty meal. In the UK your not going to get much change out of a $5 for anything. Example: two big packets of crisps (chips US stateside!), no change. You might even owe the checkout lady/man some money!

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My experience here in FCC is not too much, I joined two weeks ago. So far this has been great, I’m finally understanding CSS and start learning some JS. Can’t wait to reach the point where we work in a project :smiley:

I live in Mexico, and $10 USD are like $200 MXN, You can buy around 16lts of milk, or 14lts of gas.

Hi Ariel!

I am a Computer Science graduate and learned about Free Code Camp from my friend. To be honest, The learning experience that I get from this website is way better than my college’s. As my college’s lectures are generally monotonous, boring, impracticable and outdated.

I have recently made this Weather app and I love it because of the design and the color pallets that I have used.

Lastly, I am from India and 10$ is really a very big sum here. Most of the engineers who have joined the software industry works for 10-12$/day. Other than that, You can enjoy a meal at a good restaurant for 10$. When I was in my school my fees was around 10-15 $/month.