Want Feedback on the Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

Here is my Personal Portfolio Page:

What do you think ?


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I like it! It looks cool. I like the about section, the use of relevant images and text. Just be mindful of alignment on the home section.Your picture and the tagline could better be aligned.

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Thanks for the feedback, what do you suggest for a better alignment of the picture and the tagline on the home section ?

As for the site structure, I suggest that you only keep the navigation bar in what you defined as <header></header>
Then you create a Home secton where you put that image and the tagline.
As for alignment, you could put the image above the text, centered.
Have a look at this:

You see the circle where it is written “Shopkeeper WP theme”, that could be your image.
And “Start your next WP Project with shopkeeper”, that could be your tagline.

You are right it does look better by putting the image centered above the tagline. Thanks

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