Want some advice on my coding study plan


I’ve been doing FCC since last year and I finished the intermediate algorithms a month or two ago. I’d like to marketable for jobs within a year.

Recently I decided I wanted a more solid understanding of the basic topics covered in FCC’s front-end section.

My current short-term goal is to get away from codepen and to learn to code in a proper development environment. About a month ago I started using Brackets and I’m about finished with Shay Howe’s material on HTML and CSS (which I highly recommend).

After that, I’m thinking about reading through Shay’s sections on animations and responsive web design in his advanced HTML and CSS tutorial, then finding a good course to start learning git and github.

Then, I’d like to apply what I’ve learned by re-building my personal portfolio with what I’ve learned and putting it on github. I want the quality to be something worth showing to potential job recruiters.

Finally, I plan on finishing the advanced projects for the front-end cert then going through @P1xt’s job ready guide, minus anything I’ve already done.

On top of this, I have been and plan on doing some algorithms on codewars everyday.

What do you think of my plan? Do you recommend changing something?

I considered just restarting with P1xt’s guide, but it really bothered me that 1) I didn’t know how to use the basic tools web developers use and 2) I want to finish the front-end cert since I’m about done with it. So, I made dealing with the last two things my current goal.

Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll incorporate them into my plan.

Sorry to bother you again, but I still feel conflicted. If you were me, would you stick with this plan, or just stick to your guide? This indecisiveness has been bugging me lately.

Could you post a link here??? Thanks.

Edit: I think I found it. It’s in your Guide: Computer Science and Web Development - comprehensive path. Hopefully I found the right one.