Want to create a dynamic list of files

My question is so basic, I have to think this already exists. For my webinars, I like to create a set of downloads for my audiences and my preferred way of doing this is to send all files to a folder on my ISP’s server and share that URL. That way, I can update any of the download sets simply by adding files to that folder.

My challenge is in formatting; simply put, I only know how to create ugly file listings. I want something that can be styled with simple HTML and CSS.

I have to think code for this already exists, no? Can anyone point me in a good direction?

Welcome to the forums!

If I’m understanding what you’re looking for correctly, you can try h5ai or Minixed.

You can style both of them by digging into the source and changing the CSS rules as you like.

Otherwise, you can look into learning some PHP and coming up with your own solution; it’s actually a bit easier than it sounds and there’s tons of great resources here and elsewhere.

Feel free to reach out if you need any more help!

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