Want to create Facebook group for my city. How do I find local campers?

I want to create a Facebook group for my city. I am the only person here that I know in FreeCodeCamp. How do I find local campers in my city? To create the group on Facebook, I need to add at least one friend and that step is hard to do when I am the only one here that I know. My city is Lafayette Indiana.

Thanks All!

When I started my city’s Facebook page I added my girlfriend as the first member. Once someone else from FCC joined, she left. Find someone you know who will join your group until you get another member.

People will find it through the FCC list of campsites. Make sure you let someone at FCC know you created one for your city so they can add it to the list.

Such a simple and straight forward solution! One of those that makes me want to smack my forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

Thanks Matty22!

Hey just saw this post, I’m in Lafayette Indiana if you want to add me to a group.

Thanks CodeSmity! I have not been on Free Code Camp for awhile so this will be a good motivator. I will set up the group this weekend and send you an invitation after that. Obviously I did not take the matty22’s advice! lol