Want to learn how to code; where to start? - Real Estate Professional

Hi all -

I’m based in the US and work in real estate finance. It’s a good career and I’m learning the skills to purchase and own property of my own one day. I’m only a few years in after college.

I really enjoy following the technology space, especially as it relates to real estate. I think the industry is still ripe for disruption. I have ideas here and there, but don’t have technical experience of course.

I’ve played around with learning no code tools (bubble, webflow) and how to code using languages like Python and Swift. However, I’ve never “stuck with it” for more than a few months. Unfortunately, when I was learning python and swift on the side I started studying for the MBA and moved across the country.

I want to get back into the groove of things and commit one hour a day at least to programming. I know that if I can stay motivated, I’ll make huge progress over a year, two years, three years etc.

I would love to have a lifestyle where I can own some property on the side, live near the beach, surf in the morning, work from home, etc. Maybe knowing how to program and potentially launch some projects that generate revenue can help me get there? I don’t know.

I’ve started with FCC and I’m about 50% done with the Responsive Web Design course. What should I plan of attack be in the most efficient way?? Finish FCC completely and then move on to other resources? Should I just focus on learning webflow and bubble more (i.e. I can make websites for realtors)?

I’m not planning on getting a entry level programming job because it would probably pay just as much, if not less than what I make now. However, I understand programming skills are the way forward, so I want to commit.

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