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Hey FCCIAN’S, First of All I want to thank @ieahleen @codely and all the other seniors who give their precius time to us (like biginners) and also i want them to waste their little more time to kindly provide me solution about this problem.
I have almost completed JavaScript section except javascript projects and i want to become a software developer but i search about it and i come to know that it takes more than 2 years to become a well paid software developer so i want to know that what should i do first which takes 5 to 6 months and make some money and also boost my motivation (as you all know money is the best motivator​:rofl::rofl:) and also learning programming languages side by side.

HI @mudassirikram21 !

The timeline between when you first start learning to getting that first job varies widely from person to person.

Some people get a job within 6,7,8 months of study.
Some people get it in a year.
Others in a year in a half to two years.

Then there is this idea of well paid.
I am not sure what part of the world you are in but I would suggest researching starting salaries for junior developers.

Where I am based (Los Angeles, Ca) starting salaries would be around $60,000 - $65,000. But cost of living is also very different here.

But with any career, it takes time to grow with your salary.

There is the option of freelancing, but you have to know if that is a right fit for you.

It is not as easy as just opening an account on fivver and waiting for the money to come in.

Freelancing is a whole other skill set.
You have to learn how to sell yourself so clients are interested in working with you.

If that sounds like something you are interested in than you can start by reading these articles.

Otherwise, I would just suggest to keep learning and growing and not worry about making money right now as a developer.

Hope that helps!


But sometimes i feel tired and frightened like what if this all time wastes and i did not get any reward out of it. So i ask this question out of curiosity or just fear of future you may say it.Because i have done BBA which is far far away from software development and also there is no any IT expert near me in my family, freinds and even in my area.

It is completely logical to be fearful of the unknown.

You just have to remember why you want to become a developer.

Lots of people start learning a new skill like development and lots of people quit.

They quit because they didn’t have a strong enough reason why they were doing it in the first place.

But if you are determined and think “I will be a developer” then it will be easier to stay motivated through the hardships and doubt.

And the rewards will pay off.

This applies to any career.
Teaching, development, law, medicine, business, etc.

It is normal to be scared and nervous about a new career but if you really want this than you have to just keep pushing forward.

At the end of the day, if you are good at what you do and more importantly add value to the company than the rewards will come :grinning:

Just take it day by day.

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