Want to start a YT Channel

Hello everyone,

I want to start a coding channel as a 13yr old. I want to do tutorials, project showcasing, and software entertainment. Can I have some tips on how to make this as a successful project?

Hi @The-Coding-Kid !

Welcome to the forum!

I like your ambition and drive.

The main question you have to ask yourself is
Why should people invest time in my channel?

I would suggest studying successful youtubers in this space and ask yourself
Why are they successful?

For example, let’s look at Brad Traversy.

If you look at his videos, they are clean, professional and easy to understand.
He does a great job of explaining the concepts and gives a variety of coding tutorials and his thoughts on various aspects of the industry.

Then, look at FCC’s channel

Great content and no unnecessary fluff or distractions.

There are plenty of people who jump into the youtube game with no long term plan.
And it shows.
Their content is mediocre at best.

You want to study successful examples of people who have long term plans and goals because they focus on quality.
They don’t focus on just being on youtube for the sake of being on youtube.

Good luck!

Thank you soo much for your help! I really appreciate it

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