Want to study computer science but only computer engineering available, help!

Hi guys,
I will be going to college next fall in the small city (moving out of state would be very difficult) where I live. I want to study computer science as I’m much more interested in computational thinking, math, algorithms and software than I am in engineering, operating systems and hardware. However the universities here only offers Computer engineering.
I am pretty familiar with what both fields are about and while I know I would not dislike Computer Engineering I know Comp Sci is really what I’m interested in.
My real concern is employability post graduation. How will my ability to get jobs in software development, software research, etc… be affected by not having a computer science degree?

Any input would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Unless you’re applying to the likes of Google’s research department or Galois Inc, no one is going to look for a CS degree – and even shops like that are more interested in what you know rather than how you learned it. In fact, most of the tech field is meritocratic like that, where experience counts for far more than a degree.

If you’re a diligent enough student, you should be able to learn CS concepts from beginner to advanced on the web alone. This wasn’t the case even a decade ago, but the learning landscape has changed dramatically. Self-study isn’t for everyone though, so don’t let geography limit your college choice; there has to be some school in your state with a genuine CS curriculum.

Hell, a background in CS might even ruin you on mainstream languages and ultimately hurt your prospects :wink: