Want to work after 7 years gap


I was working as a java/j2ee developer from 2007 to 2014, then due to some personal reasons i decided to quit my job. Now we run a small guest house but I want to work again, but I am not sure whether I will get a job after 7years of gap. So need your suggestions/advice for my future plan of action.

Thanks in advace,

hello @htush. Welcome to the forums.
Well, this is a complex situation, and obviously your desired results will be dependent of many factors. For those reasons I cannot give the complete answer.
However I would consider fruitful to you to analyze more your weaknesses and opportunities,
-Do you still have at least one old contact? Someone of your past networking, or even any person you meet in this 7 years break who could guide you or recommend you in the sector or related.
-How much aware are you about the changes in the industry during this 7 years?
-Have you considered to entry the job by a related industry or position? Agile PM, Beta Tester, Product Manager are examples of related positions.
-What education level do I have? (Is a rhetorical question). Will I need more studies or certifications?
-am I in the disposition of making a portfolio, or would I prefer to focus in an immediate job?
-Could I do freelancing?
-Why I want to do this Job? This last may be a tricky interview question, certainly, you could get a decent job after the gap (a general job) But why do you concern about any specific job, after 7 years. Then, the typical “because of my experience” answer need to be re-worked.
Hope at least examining one of this questions to yourself could help.
Best of wishes.


Hello AndyG! Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will surely contemplate on your suggestions and self introspection. And yes I have contacts with some old colleagues whome I could seek for help.
Thank You.

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