*WANTED ~Constructive Criticism~ WANTED*

Howdy Ho FCC! So my wife has been doing photography for the past 2 yrs as a hobby. She’s going to start her business this year and I wanted experience with html/css/bootstrap so I told her that I would build it rather go the wix/WP route. Her site is still a bit away from going live (I know it’s not perfect in other words). What I would like is:

  • What did I do wrong/should stay away from

  • Suggestions on how to improve it

  • Things you would have done differently

Basically any and every constructive criticism point you have. Thanks y’all!

Awesome Job so far @Billyin4C

Good on you for going custom. Best way to learn too I reckon - with a meaningful project.

A site always looks good when you have great pics to work with ( I assume you are using Holly’s work).
The one thing I would suggest is having a fixed navigation bar - due to the nature of the content and needing to display lots of images the webpage has a lot of length and therefore scrolling. So when I wanted to jump back to another section (and say I was at the bottom of the page) I had scroll all the way back to the top.

It’s a small thing but quick navigation will also help potential customers quickly identify what they want too.

Of course a fixed navigation bar is not the only answer and in fact may detract for the design so there may be other ways to achieve optimal navigation (i’m just a newb coder). Web Design in itself is something I have been struggling with and doesn’t come that naturally to me.

On my portfolio I used bootstrap which has a bunch of navigation classes to do this pretty easily but I am sure there is normal html for this sort of thing too.

You’ve definitely got something good going on here though.

Thanks @Arthurauthor I’ll tackle that next. Yes [quote=“Arthurauthor, post:2, topic:75212”]
( I assume you are using Holly’s work).

The carousel pics are hers and I’m currently updating the others obtained from unsplash.com

its seems doesnt work well on small browser.
but when i open it in my laptop is great. good work.

this is when i open it in small browser