Warning: Progress will not be saved

I was working through some of the freecode camp challenges when I went to sign-out of freecodecamp a prompt box displayed informing me that my progress will no longer be saved. Have you ever encountered this? Do you know if I maybe able to delete some of my old history if this is taking up too much space on your server end?

This message?

It is just warning you that if you sign out your progress is no longer saved to the account you logged out of. The progress you made up until signing out will still be saved and you can continue where you left off when you sign back in.

I do think the UX of that modal is a bit questionable. The warning and red text make it seem like some kind of irrevocable action.

Thanks for looking into this and providing clarification from your end.

Ugh! So that’s what happened to all my work from yesterday! I did not, however, get the message that you did.

So you were signed in but it didn’t save your progress? Also, when signing out you should get that message modal.

What browser are you using?

What part of the curriculum were you working on?

Has it happened before?

I guess it’s possible you got signed out without noticing it.

For example, deleting the cookies the site uses will sign you out but will not give you the sign-out message. Maybe you have some extension installed that is auto-deleting cookies or something?

Browsers also have settings that can delete cookies when you close the browser.

I think there may have been a software upgrade overnight?

Doesn’t matter now, actually, I’m all caught up.

I don’t think an upgrade would (should) cause data loss like that.

It should go offline having saved all your progress up until it did, give you a message about the upgrade, and then come back with your progress as it was before the site went offline.

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