Was there any notice about the rebuild?

I’d been working toward the FCC front-end certificate for basically a year now. I log on most days and never once saw a note or got an email that this rebuild was happening. I was just about to round the bend and start the final 4 JS projects to finish the course and now it looks like I’m only 1/3 through the curriculum after changes. It really would have been nice to get some sort of heads up.

This has been discussed regularly for over a year. The reason that beta.freecodecamp.org existed was for final testing before the major update.

This doesn’t interfere with your progress at all. Everything that you had done before, you have still done. If you want to only do 4 more projects and consider yourself done, you are welcome to do so. Adding to the curriculum just gives you more lessons, challenges, and projects to learn from if you want to.

What does “regularly discussed” mean? I did not get any emails or notifications about it as a user, and the URL did not contain the word “beta” until it switched. If I told you “do these 12 projects to complete a course” and then on the last day you changed it 24 projects, would that not “interfere with my progress”?

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I also didn’t get the memo, and am not loving the redesign either.

So the site just went back to how it was before…just with the light editor and new curriculum.

By “regularly discussed” I mean that a topic on the curriculum changes was created on average once per day for about 6 months. Everything you did before is still there. The previous curriculum had 3 certificates. You can still claim them with the projects that were required before the update. The new curriculum has 6 certificates that you can claim by doing the new, better projects. Everything that you learned so far is still valid. Now there are just more lessons that are better designed and better organized. You didn’t lose anything.