Washington, DC - Looking for partner to run through FCC - Beginner

Hey there,

I am Travis. New to DC and new to programming, would love to find someone to run through this curriculum with. I am fairly flexible, would like a minimum of 15 hours a week, but am down to do 40.

Would love to meetup and work together in person occasionally.

29, very easy going, friendly, sane :stuck_out_tongue: Very serious about learning and transitioning my career to tech over the next year, just learn much better with a partner.

Can meet at a coffee shop or library or wherever is good.

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You would likely have the best luck with this by connecting to someone involved in your local FCC group.

Find a local group

Thank you very much, I will look there as well!

DC just had a meetup too FYI -> https://www.meetup.com/Washington-FreeCodeCamp-Meetup/

there should be another one coming up in a couple of weeks

Yeah I saw that I had missed that one. I am signed up and will keep an eye out for it. Thanks!