WattsDown Product Landing Page - Feedback Needed Please

Finally I finished the last of the 5 Responsive Web Design Projects. Now I can move on to the Javascript.
Let me know your honest opinion on what looks pretty/ugly about my product landing page. What improvements can I make?

let moreDetail = 'better';

It is okay to be harsh.
I made it responsive down to 300px width, or should I say I started designing it at 300px width and expanded outwards adding media queries where the design broke. I added a little bit of Javascript because it is so much fun!

Click on the images!

Link to Product Landing Page

Some very nice work in this page. The main issue for me is the font styles differing is overwhelming whilst trying to focus on reading the writing. May I suggest changing the cursive font to something a little less distracting?

Great job otherwise @brandon_wallace

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@PBillingsby Thank you for taking time to view my webpage. I have made the following changes:

  • Font style has been changed to something less distracting and readable.
  • The video has a max-width and max-height so that it will not take up so much space on larger screens.
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Definitely solved the problem of distraction. Much easier on my eyes! Great work.

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