Way to study or memorize

Hi i just start study the boot camp with html i am now in css but after allmost 20 years without studing because i was focus on the food industry its so dificult for me to remember al the comands to writte the code
Any help to get the code in my brain i feeling so rusty studding again
sorry english its my second language

Hi there!

Don’t try to memorize all these things, there is no point in that. Whenever you forget some command or how something works, just look it up and don’t worry about it. Nobody remembers everything and everyone is looking something up all the time.

In the end it’s not a memorization contest :smiley: It’s much more important for you to understand the mechanics and if you don’t remember how should you write that map function you can just google it up anytime.



You don’t need to, you just need to learn to use the tools. You can always find them again in the previous challenges or in the documentation (MDN). Consulting documentation is part of the gig, so it’s totally fine if you have it open in the background while you do the challenges and consult as needed.

Learnig to Code

Practice practice practice, you can open an account on codepen.io and just throw in some HTML and (when you reach it in the curriculum) CSS and try the things you learn.

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Retaining concepts: spaced repetition.
Coding: projects.

Yep, don’t bother with memorization. That’s what the documentation is there for. Just practice using code to do stuff.

Thanks to all thatz the answer i need it

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First you have to realize that the struggle you’re experiencing now is very normal, especially since you’re just getting started. But keep practicing even just a little every day and your brain will get used to it.

You don’t have to memorize. You will naturally get familiar with what you’re learning along the way.

If you want to go the extra mile as a student, you can try what worked for me when I was a student: Dear Code Newbie, Here’s A Tip

welcome @kerledem
those tips Dear Code Newbie, Here's A Tip - DEV Community are very useful …thank you
happy coding :smiley:

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Always happy to help. And if you need any more help feel free to shoot a message or reply here, and happy coding!