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Hi. I cannot log in with my github to the beta curriculum. I tried emails(all of them) but it just creates some new profile with only one task done. So I can’t get access to the certificate and challenges.

You are not supposed to be able to log in to beta.freecodecamp.org with your GitHub account.

So can I somehow get access to my account? Because there two possible email for my beta account and none of them goes to the right account(or maybe all the info and progress have been deleted somehow)?

There is no connection between beta.freecodecamp.org and your real account on freecodecamp.org. It is only for beta testing. When the new curriculum and architecture go live, beta.freecodecamp.org and all associated accounts will be gone.

re: the Beta

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.

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