We have moved from Glitch to Repl.it

Due to recent problems with Glitch, we are recommending everyone to start using repl.it for the back-end Node challenges and certification projects. We have already merged this pull request to update all the existing Glitch demo projects and boilerplates used in the challenges to the corresponding repl.it equivalent.

If you have already started the challenges or projects in Glitch, you can continue to do so but be aware the tests may fail unexpectedly and/or you may not be able to access your project code. We highly suggest moving your existing code to the corresponding repl.it boilerplate to avoid further problems.

There are some differences between Glitch and repl.it that could cause some confusion:

  • Repl.it does not appear to have something like nodemon implemented, so you must click Stop and click Run each time to see your changes and before resubmitting the solution (“live”) url of the back-end challenges.

  • Discovering the solution url (that needs to be submitted) is less straightforward. To access it, you need to click the Run button the first time which will run npm install and then npm start. Next, you will finally see something like the following. You then click the Open in new tab button located near the upper right-hand corner, which will open the solution url in a new browser tab.

In the above example, the solution url would be:


If you experience any issues after this change is implemented, please let us know via the Contributor category or create a new issue on GitHub if it has not already been created.

Thank you for your understanding while we make this change.


You NEED to make this more clear on the Node.js tutorial pages please. If I didn’t find this forum post i wouldn’t know what to do.