We need saving of our solutions somewhere on own cloud

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I have a suggestion, it would be great if somewhere in the freeCodeCamp settings we could store a path and credentials to our own cloud. So that our solutions are automatically stored there. And so that when you open the challenge you’ve already solved, you can see the result immediately.

Is it difficult to implement?

They do have a “Download Solution” button before you continue to the next challenge. That’d be the free option(of Free Code Camp).:grinning:

Just thinking out loud now…It all depends on the cost of storage.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Challenge “completed” status can be a single bit. So eight challenges per byte. For millions of users not bad. Now to add everyones solution…:grimacing: But we do have free forums…:smiley: only a little bit of varying info per user plus one bit per badge, like, or etc. then a bunch of internal references or pointers to post indices. So our profile pages give the illusion of a lot of data but it’s printing out the beginning of a stored post which my involvement is stored as a pointer or reference. The information for my badges page can be stored eight to the byte.:thinking:

So this whole thing was originally structured on being hosted on one man’s server. Now that it’s switched over to the jam stack(video of FCC infrastructure) maybe it’s soon to come.:clap:

A while back, I think solutions were stored by FCC, but that may have become expensive with more members joining. Well, I’m probably wrong with that guess, but there would have been a good reason for changing the system.
I wonder if pushing to a user’s github repository would work. We already have github log in.

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before they stopped saving solutions the stored data was growing 1GB per day, with increasing of users it would have become higher and higher

Pushing to GitHub is a good idea, thoguh not all users have GitHub accounts connected.

It’s not so easy to come up with a solution that doesn’t increase server requests and eat into any data transfer limits.

I suppose another method could be to create an app that connects to FCC and then pulls challenges/modules to a local folder on whatever device. The issue then might be how to sync all instances of the app.

I think a simple frontend app that downloads all fCC solutions mad then uploads them to GitHub via the GitHub API could work. It would use your own personal GitHub API token instead of the one for freeCodeCamp, meaning you could upload directly to your account. Possibly as an GitHub repo with folders and files matching the curriculum sections.

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Ah-ha! That’s a nice idea.

I meant of course “OWN” cloud: private git hub account or may be google drive. The main point was not to download every time each small peace of code. My idea was, that It works automatically, and most important thing, it should load automatically into the freecodecamp code editor, after opening again the task.

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This comes up every few months or so – heck, I’ve brought it up. It’s an ideal use case for an app, not so much the FCC website. An FCC mobile app would certainly be welcome, but it takes someone or several someones who are actually serious about implementing it and can follow through with it, including the years of maintenance it’ll need to keep up with changes. If you’re reading this, and that describes you, hop on over to #contributors and start a discussion topic with design ideas.