Weather API not working?

So i’m using the FCC weather api. --> is my codepen.

On line 2 i define function weather() as all of my working code.

On line 524 i call it just after this (all of this was under document ready function). This is so when they first start up the page. Basically all my code is in one function and i run it.

Then on line 525 i set a interval loop to continue to run this code each minute for a live minute-by-minute feed.

First, the first call i do when i start up the page (line 524) just doesn’t work or run. After the minute goes by, i either get that weather() is undefined or the actual weather.

Even before all this, when i just had it show me your weather just when you loaded up the page, it still took 10 refreshes at most to get the weather to load in the first place in which the API call takes 5 - 20 seconds. It seems like every month the API just gets worse and worse. It used to load up just fine, but now it doesn’t.

I don’t even show this project to people anymore, or stop by to even look at my weather because of the API just not working. I won’t help people who need help on this project (excluding reviews) because i don’t know if its the API not working or there code not working.

I’m not even getting the Suzan whatever city anymore, at this point the API just fails to even respond most of the time.

You might say its just a ‘known issue.’ How about the API is just redone completely (without affecting the callback). The best tool is to start over.

I think there are many posts about the bug in that api… dunno why they don’t fix
the challenge text to acknowledge it…
i just made mine with the Yahoo api instead :stuck_out_tongue:
weather app wip

Nice i like it…

The API has had this issue for way too long.