Weather App - Anyone fancying testing?

Hey all,

This is my weather app . Could people test it for me for different weather types/locations? Being in sunny England all I can test is rain and cloud :droplet: :frowning: . Any other feedback/suggestions are appreciated.

This App is mine: It ended up being pretty handy for me :D. Anyway, I would add also current location and center the elements.

@cmwebby I tested your Weather app.

  1. It’s not clear the User is supposed to click on “System” icon for the weather data to be displayed. You can place code within $(document).ready(function(){}); or $(function(){}); for short to trigger code execution.
  2. When you click on the “System” icon, weather data is displayed. But, it does not indicate for which location.
  3. All <A> and <BUTTON> tags are missing TITLE attributes. They are necessary for disability accessibility and screen readers.