Weather App challenge head bashing syndrome(anyone who is stuck should take a look)

Ok, so after being stuck for 4 days on the weather app challenge I have finally found the solution:
Basically, the two weather services they recommend have since then been blocking Code Pen (hackers or pranksters probably, idk why).

Open Weather Map, and Dark Sky .net incase you wondered.

Anyways so I did a lot of reading and searching google trying to find a way around it, and the simple answer there isn’t one. At least not one that is easy (I even tried routing it through my own live website… which turned out to be brain damage waiting to happen). So to save you from the frustration that I just went through; there is another free open web app:

Hope this helps anyone else who found themselves getting frustrated on this challenge, and happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hmm, my weather app still works for me But maybe it’s because my request goes through

I tried using that same service and it wouldn’t ever work. The error I got was “server overloaded” or something along those lines.

Seems suspicious

I wonder what might be causing this. If it was server overloaded then it is interesting indeed. Also I don’t know if my app works all the time, maybe it just works now at the moment, I don’t check it very often.