Weather App Challenge_Question about Weather Codes

Hello. I am currently linking weather icons to weather codes and wondered if the codes belonging to the weather types on FCC’s API ( are the same as the ones listed on OpenWeatherMap ( I appreciate the help.

Never mind. I am starting over.

Why did you decide to start over?

I would like to see how much I understand and if there are any gaps in my learning.

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That makes sense - we’re here for you once you decide to go back to this project :slight_smile:

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I have posted another topic on this app. We are advised to avoid previewing answers on the internet. For me, this has been difficult to do. The answers are posted in half a dozen articles and Youtube provides tutorials on it. What do you and others do? Should we stick to websites like Mozilla Developers that provide only general information on a topic?

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I am almost done with the JS portion of the Weather App, but I am still unable to get the weather data to appear in my html. Could somebody tell me if my Ajax request is properly formatted? ( Many thanks in advance.

Never mind again. A friend just showed me the console.