Weather App Challenge

Hello everyone,

I am running into an issue regarding the weather app challenge.

Everything is working fine, except for 1 thing!

When connecting to the API given by FCC (, I can’t show the weather using JQUERY for weather ID 802 from the API.

What I am doing is that I am using the[0].id from the API to display the right icon to show the weather. It seems to work fine for all of them (not that i have experienced all the weather yet), but with this one, it seems impossible to display anything, not even a simple HTML string.

The javascript code for this ID starts on line 67 on my Codepen.

Did anyone else had an issue with the ID 802 ?

Here is a link to my Codepen:

Thanks for your help!


I think the problem is the following line:

else if ([0].id === 801 &&[0].id === 802){

I think you meant to put || (AND) instead of && (AND).

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YES ! Thanks. Oh my god hahaha i’m laughing in front of my computer now! Why I didn’t try that!

Thank you