Weather App code dont work in Codepen (SOLVED)

Hi campers,

I have a problem with the code of the weather app, I have used Notepad++ to write it, because for me is more easy…I can see where start and finish every variable and function, have a interesting autocomplete function…The point is that when I run the code from Notepad++ this run well (at least what I have done until now)in any navigator, but in codepen dont work and I dont understand why.

What can do I ? I hope no need to start again from 0 :cold_sweat:.

Here a image of the problem.

And here my codepen

thank you!

Hey. Codepen uses a secure connection (https) and therefore, any request made from there to another source, should be secure as well. Just change your URLs to https and everything should work just fine.

Hi noyb,

Thank you for you response, now works well :slight_smile: !. I cant believe that I have not seen the problem :sweat_smile:.

You have helped me a lot.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: