Weather App completed

I’ve just finished my weather app. I used to get the location so it doesn’t work on phones using data or I guess VPN’s and needs to be loaded using http.

Please test it and let me know what you think. if it works etc


Weather App


Nice job, worked well here!

I have some small suggestions for the presentation of your website:

The enlarged icon loses quality. You can keep the original size or use something like ownFont that keeps the same codes of openweathermap api .

Also, I would change the colors a bit, for example, looking for a combination of flat colors on the internet (something like that). One thing that can improve the presentation also is to use a different font, such googleFonts, for example.

Congrats again!

Just want to say thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Going to be looking at changing the fonts, colours etc later on, so thanks for the handy links.


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