Weather App Done

I am not completely happy with how it looks, going to come back and tweak it. But it is functional.

A few notes:

The background changes on time of day. During the day it is clouds, sunset the sun is setting and at night a starry sky. Not part of the original challenge but wanted to see if I could work it out.

The thermometer graphic changes color based on temperature. Blue for below 65, red for above 90 and white the rest of the time, fulfilling the user story of a graphic that changes with the temperature.

This one really took a long time for me so I need to walk away, definitely will be coming back to make it look nicer.

not sure how it’s geolocating but it’s off just a bit in my case. I live in ridgeland ms and it says I’m in madison… neighboring city.

It uses your IP address and then makes a guess. It is the best method I found that consistently worked.

That was a part of the problem I was having.