Weather App Finished - Feedback Please

Here it is:

I’ve finished the basic requirements for this project, though I can see how feature creep can be a real problem - I kept wanting to add more stuff to it. Can I get some feedback on what I have so far, in particular, is there better ways to do my javascript / jquery (does it load too slowly?) and the overall design of the html.

Thanks in advance!


It looks great. I wouldn’t worry about performance right now while you’re learning. That’s later on.

All the prepends can be removed:

$('<i class="wi wi-thermometer-exterior"></i>').prependTo(".lowTemp");

And added to the html:

<th class="hiTemp"><i class="wi wi-thermometer"></i><span id="curr-hi"></span></th>

I did it that way so that I could quickly change the icons if I switched to a different icon package.

Although I guess I could have just placed the html and targeted them without jquery.