Weather app - Give your feedback please!

Here’s my weather app:

What do you think? Does it work well on your browser? Any funny quirks?


Hey , are you hosting your projects through github pages , are domain and hosting free ??

Github pages is free, but you won’t have custom domains.

Works great here in Anaheim, CA, USA. nice and simple design.

cool , just make a portfolio page on your own domain and host your projects their seems good deal or their is any drawback … ??

Not that I have encountered. You just push everything to gh-pages branch and github fixes the rest.

Works well in my browser, and no funny quirks I could find. :thumbsup:

It doesn’t work for me.
I can see the following error in console logs:

jquery-3.1.0.min.js:4 GET

I know it happens because my browser is blocking tracking.
Maybe it would be a good idea to get the location of the user through their IP address. Just a thought.

That’s the problem, is to get the location based on the IP, but it’s blocked by many adblockers because it is on the easyprivacy list:

I try to get the location using the browser navigator, and if that fails I try to use the geoip. If that also fails, then I cannot get the location. Only thing I could do its to put a message saying I cannot get the location.

A simple workaround:
Replace with

That way I get the IP address of the cross origin server :wink:

Sh#t, I didn’t really think when I wrote that. Sorry.

I just decided to put a message saying the location is being blocked.

great work buddy…:slight_smile:

Works well here in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Nice work