Weather App here. (What is the weather? )

Hey, Hey!
First off Thank you for visiting the page and your attention that the page takes!
I hope it will be interesting for both of us. :slight_smile:

I just finished my Weather App. It took much time and tons of coffee. I got stuck much time. If be clear I do it all time. Finally I finished the app. Of course I will make some changes while testing time. hah.

Of course the app works not very well but I try to do better.

Few words about services I used:

  1. - getting weather data
  2. - getting coordinates of current place such like latitude and longitude
  3. - getting name of country from 2 alpha code to full name. For example. “US” -> “United States of America”
  4. - getting image of city if it is on wikipedia.( I think it is safe approach getting images to cities. Of course. It is difficult work with Wiki.

I am glad to get any feedback from you. Your suggestions, critics, tips, thoughts, etc are welcome.
If you notice any mistakes or some wrong working details please say me.

Thank you!
Let’s discuss!
Let’s make the web better place!


I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m not getting the Random City or Current City functionality, just the default. Using developer tools, I’m getting the errors: Mixed Content and XMLHttpRequest cannot load.

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This is awesome. I loved it.

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Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:
Yes, you are right it will be work wrong in case when your browser automaticly uses https protocol.
You know I use Open weather Api in the app which has limits for the free key. :cat2:For example it doesn’t provide https it provide only http. So it will work if you type change https:// to http:// in your browser .
Now, I am working on the problem. May be I will find a way to get it.
May be can you recommend me something about the topic?:wink:

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Thank you very much!
I am really glad you like it. :smiley:

It didn’t work for me either. I checked it on Codepen. Is -10deg C a default temp? (it’s certainly not right for my location)

The weather app doesnot work on But I looked on your page random Quote Machine. Maan that’s great work you did with wiki image. I wanted to do sth like but was hard to me just imagine codes there. Great work Appreciate!