Weather app. I'm almost got!

I managed to get a lat. and lon. from a geolocation api, and I’ve managed to concatenate the lat and lon into the URL for openweathermap along with my key.

I made an api call to openweathermap, but I can’t seem to get the JSON. I’m getting something because I put alert(JSON.stringify(data)) (line 12 of my JS in code pen) and it shows me the weather object as a string. I’ve tried JSON.parse() and it’s not working…I didn’t need to parse anything from the geolocation api.

Here is my code pen.

Your app showed my location and weather accurately, if that helps.

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I’m getting this error on the console:

Blocked loading mixed active content “”

I’ve been playing with it all day, so there is a chance you are viewing it while it is working, or during mid-edit.

I’ve made progress on it today. I’m pretty much finished. I just need to figure out how to get my button to toggle between ºC/ºF.