Weather App - need your feedback

Dear Friends,

Could you test my Weather App?

I need your critical view!



  1. Just out of curiosity, not quite a critique, why are using:
    <div class="col-lg-4 col-sm-4" id="main">

As far as my knowledge goes, this means:

  • if it is a large viewport or bigger, use 3 columns (col-lg-4)
  • if it is a small viewport or bigger, use 3 columns (col-lg-4)

So i actually think you can leave out the col-lg-4 part.
So maybe it is critique (or you can explain me what i do not understand :slight_smile: )

  1. the black font color is kind of hard -> maybe chose another font color? (personal opinion)

  2. I also must add some positive feedback as overall it looks clean, it’s responsive, i like it a lot but it maybe needs some polish to be great.


Thank you very much for your critical opinion!

  1. I also thought that it should be enough just to use col-lg-4 but in this case all elements will not be shown correctly for tablets dimensions. It means that some elements (the right hand side) will jump to the left.

  2. :grimacing: Unfortunately, to design smth is not my strongest side. I will try to play with colors and font sizes

  3. Thank you again! I will do my best.

About point 1.
No it’s possible you might need to use something like: col-xs-12 col- md-6 col-lg-4.
that should mean something like:
small devices will use one column
medium and larger devices will use 2 columns
large device will use 3 columns

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Yes, that is right! :+1:

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