Weather app not working on codepen?

I recently finished making my weather app, but it dosnt seem to be working in codepen.

Works just fine on my private server thou.

Heres the link :

It seems the be breaking at this part.
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position){ }

console.log isnt being read inside that function.
Im gonna keep trying to figure it out. I just dont understand why it works on my server but not on codepen.
Would help if some extra eyes can looked at it. :slight_smile:

EDIT : : Would it be ok if I just submited the project through my personal server instead of codepen?
Im really at a loss here. :upside_down:

Location is working for me…didn’t check console, but getting info for my area just fine.

I did think the temp feature was busted, but then I checked against my own app and it turns out it is just much colder outside than I realised today!

God bless central heating :slight_smile:

You don’t have to use codepen - any working live link should be fine - but maybe include a link to the GitHub repo if you intend completing the whole curriculum and qualifying for the final non-profit projects, as that is when someone reviews your code (I think…)

Thanks for the quick reply. In a strange way, Its nice to know its just me.

I plan to put all of my stuff on github as well as my portfolio site. It would be really nice if I could work for non-profit at some point or another.

Thanks for the fast reply.

No worries - I’m procrastinating, so my forum service rises dramatically!

Codepen does have some issues for that project, thanks to http vs https conflicts between the geolocate browser behaviour and the openweathermap API. My code pen one was completely busted IIRC, and I went with a less accurate IP based location in the end.