Weather app problem geolocation and bxSlider

Hi guys, i’m on trouble with the final fase of weather app project…

Here is my codepen link

I’m using bxSlider for displaying icon and time avery 3 hours…but on firefox i can’t see the time…

I have a problem even on chrome, because i can’t get the geolocation even on https protocol…

On localhost everything works fine on chrome, but if i move the code to codepen it crash…

Please someone can help me???

First of all, I’m not really sure what you are asking about. You need to be more specific and accurate when forming your questions.

Second, you have about 900 lines of code there, and less then 10 comments (not counting ones that are there only to disable some parts of the code). And not a single one of them tells me anything about what you have written there. I’m pretty sure someone here will find a solution for you quickly, but if you want help from others, you really should try to make your code as readable, as you can.

Looks like bx is adding three additional li elements to your slider and because of that in

$.get(urlHourly, function(data){

function .each() throws error (data has only 8 elements)
One solution I found is to add if (index > 7) return; to your each functions (I’m just too lazy to look into bxslider documentation)

Yes @KamilCybulski… you’re right… but i’m a newbe…
In fact i’ve 2 different problems:
I wrote the entire code with Brackets…and on chrome localhost everything works…but the same code it doesn’t works on codepen with Chrome…because it dosen’t allows geolocation…even if i use https

Thanks for the answer @jenovs… but it still no working

You should put if (index > 7) return; in both .each() functions.

Or did I misunderstood you problem?

oh…i just put it in the first each()…now it works…thank you very much!!!

now it just remain the problem with chrome…you know why i can’t see nothing? I think its a geolocation issue…

Your codepen is served via http and chorme blocks geolocation on http, but if you use https openweathermap won’t work.

Solution: don’t use openweathermap and use https

It’s a lot of work…anyway thank you very much for your help!!!