Weather app project json problem

I am unable to get link to weather icon using weather[0].icon from json as suggested on

it is working fine via https at

but when I log entire json object to console using ajax call, the weather[0].icon does not exists.

Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?


It doesn’t look like the object contains an icon code :confused:

edit: you said that

Actually the json page you linked doesn’t seem to have an icon code for the first index either :confused:

it does have the icon code accoring to instructions:

and it DID have the link to icon through normal http request (not AJAX call with jquery getJson) yesterday…

anyway looks like the instructions are incorrect and its best to get icons somewhere else.

today it’s working and I haven’t made any changes to my code.

Looks like sometimes it’s just best to sleep it over :wink: