Weather App snow icon from FCC not displaying


Working on the weather app project atm, got the functionality all sorted and I’ve been testing with my current location. As it so happens, it is snowing right now, and I noticed that since the snow started the icon in the weather app does not load, I get error: “undefined:1 GET 404 (Not Found)” in console.

I loaded up the .json file with my coordinates: location where it snowed today at 16:44, 16 Jan 2018. Using an add on to display the .json better, I found that “icon”: “09d” under “weather” is not a link, which is what is causing the error. I loaded other coordinates, where its not snowing, and a link is provided to an icon, which loads fine.

Is there any chance of the API being updated to include a link? Or would you recommend using different icons altogether?

You can refer to the following link of the API documentation for information regarding these icon codes.

Thanks, I will get straight on that!