[Weather App] Update API on click

Hi Everybody :slight_smile:

I finished my Weather App ==> http://codepen.io/vinceumo/pen/JEZLLY

I have a small issue I would like would like to update the temperature from °C to °F by changing the API url, but when I do it this way the temperature doesn’t change. ==> (line 93 & 99 of the JS) http://codepen.io/vinceumo/pen/WRKRzz

So my question is, Is their a way to change the API link and to have my DOM updated ?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Why would you do another API call?
Just have a function convert the number number to the other,
no API call necessary.

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It’s possible to do this but if you dont need to make another API call you really shouldnt as it takes time/resources. Instead you could use a function that converts the number

For now I’m doing the convertion like this, but I was thinking to integrate a search bar in the app to get the weather of other cities. And I noticed that updating the API link didn’t change the DOM.

The question was more general to know how to do it if I want to do a search feature :slight_smile:

I’m going to try the new API call :slight_smile: