Weather app will not work on http(only https)

Hello everyone!

I have almost completed the weather app and I was so excited until I noticed that it works only using https.
This wouldn’t be a major issue, however it doesn’t work on the ipad and on my android phone, which I think is related to the issue.
It only works on my laptop using https.

Here is my app:

If anyone could have a look I would be more than grateful

What makes you say this? It works on my iPhone in Safari, but Chrome isn’t working, so I don’t think it’s an HTTPS issue. If you plug your phone or iPad into your computer via USB, you should be able to open up a debug console and see what’s going on. Exactly how you do this depends on your desktop OS.

I had similar problems with navigator.geolocation so I switched to an api:

  $.getJSON("", function (data) {
    lat =;
    lon = data.lon;

   * rest of code...