Weather fcc project

not bad for a newbie phew :sweat_smile:

You are using this js code:

today = new Date();
var date =
	today.getFullYear() + '/' + (today.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + today.getDate();
var time =
	today.getHours() + ':' + today.getMinutes() + ':' + today.getSeconds();
var dateTime = date + ' ' + time;

but your code document.getElementById('clock').innerHTML = dateTime; does not work because you don’t have an element in html with that id.

Otherwise the app is functional, it seems responsive but you definitely may improve your design.

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A little easy tweak you might do to improve your design is changing the Celsius button color to white so it gets contrast. It almost hidden now.

Good job!

I like it !

Some minor items to change, the spacing between miles and the number given, as well as spacing between the C/F button and the current temp.


hope it is better now ! thanks a lot

tysm! I fixed that. appreciate your feedback :smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback, of course I had the clock id in the navbar I just needed to change the color.

hope my design gets better in future :slight_smile: