Weather icons for local weather app?

I’m having a hard time finding icons to use that’ll work for a local weather app. do you guys know where I can find some for free?

Which API are you using for your project? If you are using, then you can refer to and match the ID under Weather condition codes to the applicable id of the weather property array of the returned JSON.

    "weather": [
            "id": 500, // you can use the ID as a reference
            "main": "Rain",
            "description": "light rain",
            "icon": "10n" // you think you could use this, but sometimes it does show
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Aren’t the icons supposed to be included in the FCC API output?


“Images links are included in the JSON under weather[0].icon. This is enough to complete the challenge.”

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where do I get my APPID from though?

If you are using proxy, you do not need an APPID, because Free Code Camp has already set one up behind-the-scenes using their custom proxy, so you do not have to worry about creating your own account.


@RandellDawson may have the right idea. Despite FCC instructions, if weather conditions correspond to Mist/Fog, the complete icon URL is not listed in the JSON object. Rather than https://… , it simply lists the icon’s specific code which, in this case, is “50n”. I’ve pasted the relevant portion below.


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