Weather Project API Help needed (Codepen not working?)

Weather Project API Help needed (Codepen not working?)
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Hey guys I have been working on the weather API project and my problem is I don’t think my codepen is working when I try to console.log or HTML display my weather data. Can you guys check my codepen to see if the console or html display is working? There isn’t a point of continuing this project if I can’t see any of my information and I have been stuck on this for a while so thank you.

Code Pen Link

Also what development environment would you recommend to someone working on the front end certification course on FCC so I don’t have to rely on codepen?

Thank you for your time :blush:


There seems to be a lot wrong with your code that has nothing to do with CodePen.

I would suggest going carefully through your code to troubleshoot exactly what is wrong, because the console was working fine for me when I started reworking some of your code.


You declared a function called getCoordinates, but I do not see where you call it.

Also, you do not need the prefixed to your api url. However, you need to make sure there are no spaces in your url string.

There actually is a Codepen issue with respect to calling the navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition multiple times in the same session. For some reason lately, after the first call, extra calls take anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds to work, so you have to give it a few minutes if you are doing multiple page refreshes.

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