Weather SPA Project - Feedback

Hey everyone, first all I have A LOT to thank you guys, my presence here on fcc was basic on CSS board to help and here on Project Feedback but was profit. What I have to thank? I’m now working as a front-end developer. But I will make an entire post on the right board, the job one.

Well, days ago I received a challenge, a simple challenge but I’m not a simple dev, so I’ve tried to make it the better than I could, I’ve made the icons and redesigned based on the sample they gave to me. I’ve already sent, but sometimes I’m adding some stuff, you know a good coder stills working until the project is perfect, and would be nice if you guys gave me a feedback, as always it gives me the power to continue and get better :slight_smile:

The DEMO is here:
Weather SPA
And it’s repository is

Thank you all in advance and keep coding

Also, miss you :relaxed:

Hey, I really liked your weather SPA. Tried searching location, changing degree to Fahrenheit. Works great. It is responsive as well. Only one suggestion if you can delete console log from the code as I can see the http request results in console. :slight_smile:

Will delete, I was keeping only to test. I guess now its ok.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

EDIT: Done