Web App Developments - what I need to learn

Good day,

This was originally written to Mosh Hamedani, a renown contributor here on Udemy. I need your opinion too, so as to take proper concrete step.

I am new to ASP. NET. I have been coding web apps in PHP for seven years now. Due to its pitfall, I desire to switch to more robust web app technology. I came across your free video on YouTube: C# ASP. NET MVC for beginners. I enjoyed it. You are one of a kind. So explicit, and clear in your guide. Most importantly, you are very articulated in your mode of teaching. Your audio quality is superb, coupled with the fact that you employed well annotated mean of visual display. This I envied much.

My request is this: I need to know how and what I need to become a pro in developing world best web apps. I already have 3 models of apps that target web server. Of which one have been deployed on PHP technology, and tested. However, its limitation of security is my dislike. The codes can be hijacked by anyone because PHP is the base code. Please my questions are:

  1. Are ASP. NET code secured against piracy, as I want to distribute my web apps as premium? And what is used to achieve this?

  2. What topics do I need to master in ASP. NET to develop a secured database driven web app?

  3. Presently, my Compaq (Presario CQ57) running on Windows 10 can’t run ASP. NET on Visual Studio 2015.
    After creating an MVC project in C#, I get the below error, and the solution explorer shows empty project with no sub directories:

Unspecified error (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004005(E_FAIL)

And when I tried opening the created project from its file location, this error is prompted:

Creation of the virtual directory http://local host:52563/ failed with the error: Filename redirection.config

I can’t try my hands on what I have learned from your video yet. Please, do help me out. Also, I expect answers to all 3 questions I included above.

Thank you for your favourable response.

Emeka Ndefo