Web app ideas for a novice webdev

There’s a lot of ideas out there, but most of them are really too large of a system to turn into reality, especially with the time constraint we have of 3 months.

Any ideas/advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Too large of a system huh?

The fcc projects are good projects to do.

Why don’t you do those?

~ Julius :slight_smile:

thanks I’ll check it out. where can i find them?



There are 4 other projects, but here are 2 to get you started.

Recently for a coding interview, I was asked to create a donation page. You could create something similar, however, you could also attach it to a persistent database that holds all the transaction amounts.

Very simple and straightforward

A good project to start is a cms, you’ll learn almost the most needed things in the process and it really helps you.