Web App that matches users with similar Interests? how to start

Hi dear community,
for a school project I want to develop a web app where users log in and give immediately in check boxes their interests.
Afterwards they would be saved and would be matched with other users that have similar interests.
Any tutorial recommendation or insights about which technology / approach to this could be helpful?
My coding level is intermediate , know python and a bit of Django/html/ css but
Any idea of web apps that already do this? tips?

THanks in advance.

Facebook does that, now has a lot more on top tho

I would guess you would need separated profiles for each user. An algorithm that matches people above a certain number of matching interests or percentage of matching interests. A way for the people to get in contact.

front-end, back-end, and a database

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Hey Raimundo,

so you need:

  • user accounts (=> database)
  • a way to create these user accounts (=> frontend user interface + backend logic that writes to the database)
  • a relationships between different user’s interests (=> database relationship)
  • a way for users to input their interests ( => frontend user interface + backend logic that writes to the database)
  • a way to let users know they have matching interests ( => frontend user interface + backend logic that reads from the database)

A messaging system would also be useful (or just use e-mail).

Django is a totally viable option for this.


thanks for the answer, indeed i am working on a prototype using django and dbsqlite, need to make it work together but thanks, at least I know I am in a proper direction

hey thanks for the answer and for encouraging the use of django, good to know that this is a proper approach to do this project.

appreciate the answer